Surface Level Considerations for the Price of BAT in the Near Future

There are a number of variables to consider when looking at the price of BAT and its future. I’m just going to talk about the ones you can see without looking at charts or having much technical knowledge. These are the things I think a lot of folks will base their decisions on when investing, so it’s important to keep track of! This is not financial advice by any means, just a dude making observations (and a few assumptions).

Like most cryptos, BAT does follow Bitcoin to some degree. Bitcoin has been doing well and is nearing it’s ATH currently — if it does hit a new ATH soon, there is no telling where the next high will be. While some amount of traders might fomo out of their alt bags and into BTC when this happens, it’s likely that the price of BAT and other alts will rise soon after as people take gains. It’s worth keeping in mind that Coinbase will soon gain additional exposure via their direct public stock listing as well.

You must also take into account that the majority of Americans will be receiving a much needed stimulus check this month. You can expect all of crypto to rise as those checks are distributed (and the stock market as well). Like it or not, the recent wallstreetbets investment mania has exposed a ton of new people to crypto — we did not have this mania before the last checks went out.

Then there are the recent announcements of the Japan listing and search engine acquisition. I’m not sure how much of this is priced in at the moment, but these events are worth taking into account when evaluating BAT. I’m sure there is even more I’m missing in regards to promising developments around Brave and BAT in the pipe, and I’d love to hear about that in the replies to this. One thing is for certain, Brave has seen tremendous growth in the short time it’s been accessible and there is no reason to believe that growth will slow down anytime soon.

Most people decide on an entry and exit point before investing. I know some here are eyeing $1, $5, $10 or more for an exit (here’s hoping my $10 mention here becomes a meme years from now). Maybe a ballsy prediction, but I think $5 is in the cards before the end of the year, given the factors I listed above and awesome product involved here (if you are into BAT but not using Brave, you’re doing it wrong). Although like I said, Bitcoin’s success is closely related.

While I haven’t completed the full cycle of redeeming BAT from the browser yet (seems like that’s a bit of a pain point for folks, although I also realize people like to use the BAT subreddit as a support forum…), I’m sold on the privacy aspect alone.

I think the noise around Brave hasn’t really begun yet, as I had to dig quite a bit to find this project in the first place. Once I had a chance to test the browser, it became clear that the potential here is enormous. I think the biggest barrier at the moment is people just not knowing it exists. What do you think will need to happen for Brave to be adopted by more people?

I realize this is mostly bullish, I’m all ears for arguments against!

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